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Top 20 Best Professional Camera Video Slider 2018

When shooting sports camera, there are many ways to show your picture. If you have a pair of titanium alloy hand, in the use of a number of shooting techniques, it can be easily achieved!

But unfortunately, most people do not (do not rule out double eleven cut off). But do not feel sorry, you can also have "camera slider", this small partner can bring you a more smooth and smooth picture.

This is a smooth, lightweight, fully manual pivoting arm that delivers the same panning effect as camera slider.

Wing moves your lens in a perfect straight line, but it's a track, and the amount of space you take up if you pack it with you. Sevenoak submitted an interesting all-in-one camera that can be used for shooting time-lapse photography, as a brushless stabilizer, or as a motion control system. At first glance, it looks like a brushless stabilizer mounted on an electrically controlled camera slider.

  Light-weight Carbon Fiber camera Slider SK-CFS80

  THE Sevenoak Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80 is a portable carbon fiber slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers. It features adjustable and foldable feet, super smooth sliding plate, extendable carbon fiber rails, built-in 1/4” and 3/8” screw holes.


Said he wanted amateur photographers to get the tools that only professional studios had in the past, and now with 3D printing, he started to make the idea a reality. He combines a four-axis motion control system, a time-lapse system, and a brushless stabilizer to allow photographers to use a motion controller to move the camera while taking pictures at regular intervals and panning, tilting, scrolling, and swiping Kind of action Tripod head can be mounted on the camera slider and moved along a fixed route by belt driven floor.

Many families now have a drawer, while the drawer camera slider is a small hardware, but if the usual use of the drawer camera slider, it is prone to drawer drop events, is likely to cause harm to their families. Therefore, we must be familiar with the type of drawer camera slider, choose the correct drawer camera slider.

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