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How to Choose the Best DSLR Shoulder camera rig

  For many violin learning, camera rig is a very important tool. Most camera rig are made of wood, plastic, or metal wrapped in a soft sponge or rubber that spans across the violin's back as a bridge. The "grasping feet" in contact with the body will be covered with rubber to avoid scratching the body.

  The benefit of using a camera rig is that the violin is raised so that the head does not have to be significantly leftwardly inclined, which can be a significant challenge for beginners in reducing the difficulty and pain of holding the piano. Many camera rig height can be adjusted, the user can according to their own shoulders, neck height camera rig to adjust to the most comfortable position. Non-adjustable camera rigs usually have two or more fixed heights.

  Following the chinrest, the camera rig came into widespread use in the 1950s. Yet until now, there are still many violinists who do not like it. So, when playing the violin should use the camera rig? Which camera rig is the most suitable?


  In fact, the production technology of camera rig has made the impact of this tool on the violin sound very small. As long as you can play well when playing the piano, the action is comfortable, whether to use the camera rig is not the most important point. But need to be reminded that, both with and without, piano can not be too low, that is the key to affect the tone. And the choice of whether or not to use the camera rig is by no means a more "tight" clip, as tightening the violin also affects the tone of the violin and the free movement of the hand. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a camera rig if you feel like you are not using the camera rig, and if you feel it is more appropriate to mount a harrier, you can rest assured that you do not have to worry too much about the sound.

  In addition, if you are using a camera rig and your arm is raised, causing shoulder pain or other symptoms, use a slightly lower camera rig with a slightly higher chin rest to alleviate the symptoms. The basis for the selection of camera rig sum up in fact only one point - comfort. Subdivided down, nothing more than the size, height, hardness, radian and weight. In addition to the general camera rig, the general camera rig will be divided by 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 and other dimensions, with the violin size match, see the size can be purchased.

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