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Professional Video Camera Equipment Guide for your HDSLR

Camera Rig approach may be a lot of entry-level shadow friends that the use of camera rig is very simple and no skill, but in fact the use of camera rig If you notice the following details of the new start-up shadow friends have some help:

One. The first element of camera rig selection is to consider camera rig and camera compatibility issues. There are many ways to buy a camera rig in the traditional camera equipment store, but no matter where you buy a camera rig, the most important thing is to clearly confirm the camera rig and camera installation can Compatible, which is also the most important point, buy an incompatible camera rig back there is no point.

Second, observe the terrain environment before each camera, find a camera without interference and  camera safer place, do not think that the use of the best camera rig in the world can freely deploy camera rig can ensure safety If the terrain is unfavorable for unfolding the camera rig, the camera rig may be knocked over in an unsafe place with heavy traffic.

Durable Mini Tripod camera rig SK-T1
Solid Aluminum construction
Angle adjustable feet
Comes with adjustable extension tube
Flexible ball head
Compatible with smartphones, action camera and DSLRs


Three .camera rig bought before use must be familiar with the camera rig expansion and closing operation. Before starting the camera rig, pull out one of the legs outwards by 25 degrees and then release all the buckles or knobs to make the tripod automatically slide to the end. After locking all the buckle knobs, the other two legs do the same Expand the action. Be sure to check the three legs after unfolding, so it is very important that the button knob is locked in place. If it is not locked, it is easy to turn the camera. camera rig expand Then check the PTZ and camera rig base is locked, the PTZ fast board disassembly lock check to see if it is solid, check the cloud billiard ball lock body, the telescopic locking axis is normal . Make sure all these details are safe before you can frame your favorite camera lens and check if the quick release cover is in the track and locked in place. The screws of the camera and the quick release cover are locked.

Four before shooting the correct viewfinder and the height of the target is appropriate and found that the working height is not ideal, you can first adjust the distance between the camera rig and the target and the location of the fine-tuning in the axis after the height adjustment to the appropriate Working height.

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