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Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, D.A. Pennebaker and his wife Chris Hegedus filmed a series of anti-traditional music videos, inspiring a large group of musicians and filmmakers.

From there, some other aspects inspired David A. Ford. David A. Ford said: "I've been thinking about DAPennebaker's brilliant shots at the Monterey Pop, those long, steady shots, and while DSLRs now capture great images, they are ergonomically The short board, as well as the existing camera rig, did not solve the problem very well, and they all got terrible. "

As video cameras have become more compact, there is an increasing demand for highly portable accessories. The reason is simple, and if you still use the traditional bulky accessories, then the camera's lightweight and convenient features do not make sense. As a result, many startups are also looking at this market, and has done quite a spontaneous, is a lightweight, modular, intelligent camera attachment system, its rich extension can achieve camera rig, Camera cage, low angle beam and trolley and other functions, to maximize creative creativity.

  Shoulder support Camera Rig SK-R01

  Sevenoak SK-R01 is a highly compact shoulder support camera rig designed for stabilizing lightweight SLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 10KG. It features with soft foam shoulder pad, adjustable height, flexible configuration, movable baseplate, detachable handle grip etc. Designed with adjustable height and flexible configuration


Meet the Sony / Panasonic professional video camera on the market demand for Canon lenses. Because Sony, Panasonic and other professional video camera film camera less, less selective, and expensive

Canon full-frame lens performance is limited, but the shooting picture is excellent

Full-frame lens and non-full-frame body will occur with the cutting phenomenon

Focus lens can effectively improve the cutting phenomenon

The DEC LensRegain is equipped with a focal lens for this situation, and can adjust the focus and aperture wirelessly, easy to carry, bringing a lightweight movie shooting kit.

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