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How to use a video camera slider

  No matter how great your location, how great your setup, how well-posed your model or well-crafted your story board, camera shake will ruin your shot. So here are 6 stabilization that’ll help you keep that camera steady for sharper photos and smoother video.

  Glove fingers make for smoother Camera slider

  Want a smoother panning shot but don’t have a Camera  slider or unnaturally steady hands? No worries. Grab your nearest gorilla pod and a throw-away pair of cloth gloves, cut off the fingertips, and fit those over the gorillapod’s feet.

  The tripod will now slider smoothly across any slick surface.

  Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD100

  Sevenoak Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD100 series Camera Sliders are designed to give you the ability to create high-quality videos without over-extending your budget. It futures with heavy-duty Aluminum construction, adjustable feet, 1/4” and 3/8” screw thread, precision bearings etc. It can be used standalone with the included feet whose height can be adjusted easily, or attached directly to tripod(s) with the built-in screw thread. With precision bearings built under the sliding plate, the camera motion is smoother and quieter than ever.


  Use a string (or your shoelaces) as a makeshift tripod

  This is a classic “no tripod, no problem” tip. If you find yourself in need of a few-second exposure and your hands just ain’t cutting it, try using a string or your shoelaces, tying them to the the strap loops of your camera, and stepping onto the string for stability.

  Use your neck as a third point of contact

  If you don’t have any string or your shoe laces just aren’t long enough for Tip #2, using your camera strap is the next best thing. Put it around your neck like normal, and then pull the camera out tight in front of you.

  This makes your neck a third point of contact, helping keep the camera more stable than your hands alone can achieve.

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