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Smartphone Controlled Portable Sevenoak Camera Slider System

Multi-camera editor refers to the appearance of professional video editor through different cameras, capture the events of different angles lens, you can play the material, real-time dynamic editing.

VideoStudio via simple multi-view work area, you can play video clips at the same time dynamic editing.

I believe when everyone went out shooting have felt too heavy equipment, weight is very hard feeling. However, in order to shoot the ideal work they have to bring complete photographic equipment. So sevenoak today to share with you a short video, you can teach you how to simulate the monopod slide section.

  Light-weight Carbon Fiber camera Slider SK-CFS80

  Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80 is equipped with adjustable legs with height adjustable which enable you to get the level or canted shot you’re looking for. A built-in bubble level is available to aid in horizontal alignment. To help bring the overall weight of the slider down, SK-CFS80 uses durable and lightweight carbon fiber rails.


We diligently watched the pattern of the wave sets and took input from the seasoned locals of where we we would be reasonably safe and what was definitely off limits. After a few hours of shooting from a long distance, we carefully got closer and setup person and camera that to convey some scope and feeling of the waves exploding in front of you. Thanks to some thoughtful lens compression, we were able to capture scenes that look like the waves are literally crashing over our heads, but in reality were falling short in front .


You can easily attach a follow-focus and matte box. The rods even extend about 7 inches (18cm), providing ample space for all of your accessories.

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