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Cheap Camera Slider Using Skateboard Wheels

  Camera slider and dollies, designed to help you film butter-smooth video while the camera is in motion, are quite pricey. This DIY version uses extremely cheap parts, like skateboard wheels.

  In the above video—one of the most entertaining DIY videos I've seen in some time—photography enthusiast J.G. Pasterjak demonstrates how to turn skateboard wheels, angle iron, and basic hardware store parts, into a smooth gliding camera dolly. The best part about his build is that it isn't locked into a commercial track system. You can use all sorts of tracks and even take it off the track and roll it along any flat surface.

  Watch the video to see how it is all put together and visit the link below for a parts list.


  I’ve lived in Oregon for almost eight years now, and up until this project I’ve never heard of Shore Acres State Park or the huge waves that explode there. While doing location research, local photographer Steven Michael sent us links to pictures from a big wave event a couple years back that left our jaws on the ground — 100 foot plus wave explosions washing over headlands.

So, we put that on our ‘watch out for’ list, and a few months later Michael sends a message saying off shore swells are stacking up for a potential big wave event. I dropped what I was doing and rushed to Shore Acres. Ironically, my work partner John Waller was running a 67 mile relay race that ended just north of the wave breaks. So, I’m driving and he’s literally running to the waves; I pick him up fresh from the race, we grab a few hours sleep.

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