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Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer Precision SK-W01N

  However, the use of electronic camera stabilizer to play time-lapse photography is nothing new. Russian photographers have used the nebula 4000 camera stabilizer to shoot a fantastic time-lapse photography, portal, "the world's first" 8-axis camera stabilizer. We have reported More than once. This hybrid camera is claimed to achieve shock absorption and stability in 8 axes at the cost of its size and weight.

  Filmmakers often use their high-end tripods as their guide to professional filmmaking. Professional and amateurs, regardless of the quality of their mainframe or lens, can use a suitable, high-quality hydraulic head and tripod The difference between standards. When you think so, most people go out to work on the necessary tripod. However, it is now 2017, the tripod is no longer lonely, it also ushered in the aftermath.


  Because the tripod prices are high and low, the range is large, everyone can buy, so that we can tolerate the tripod when shooting inadvertently appear. At the same time, no matter what film is shot, if you want to shoot a smooth smooth lens, the growing camera stabilizer seems to be the better choice. Why camera stabilizer suddenly become ubiquitous, and its internal and external causes can not be ignored, together look!

  Today, we are familiar with brushless motor-driven three-axis camera stabilizer is actually an extension of Stannison's partial function, but it also opened up a relatively new market in film production. 2013 is the first year of camera stabilizer, the publicity is overwhelming ... The wide range of practical application of electronic camera stabilizer also means that filmmakers can get filming like Steadicam at a lower price and with less professionalism Beautiful lens, the cost is greatly reduced.
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