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  Recently, another news, after a lapse of six months sevenoak seems to have accumulated a big move, according to industry sources: sevenoak will use wireless charging technology, so that the camera stabilizer to support the wireless charging of mobile phones to provide electricity. The source said that there are already engineering machines in the commissioning phase, most likely mass production this year.

  Combined with the outflow renderings and some broke the news, the fuselage did not see the interface to charge the phone, the machine is in line with the streamlined design, compared to other previous sevenoak models, the new handle thick, large power scheme may be used, taking into account Camera stabilizer life has overflowed, this broke the news is not groundless.

  But for the wireless charging technology, itself is not all mobile phones support wireless charging, and sevenoak introduced wireless charging camera stabilizer, is too aggressive, and the reliability of the message is unknown. In response to this rumor, there are media sources broke the charging port hidden in the bottom of the camera stabilizer, and enough power to make camera stabilizer and phone support 4 hours.


  Of course, the above analysis is based on the current broke the news, sevenoak wireless charger will not launch the camera stabilizer is not known, even if launched, then do not support wireless charging mobile phone, but also what programs need to be replaced, you need more broke the news to understand .

  The camera stabilizer market is in a period of drastic change. The traditional mechanical camera stabilizer and the new electronic camera stabilizer coexist. Before buying your camera stabilizer, you should know that no matter what type of camera stabilizer, there are some common The basic factors can affect the final stability.

  Composition: It sounds like composition has little to do with the stability of the picture, but this is not the case. Close-ups of close-up compositions often do not work well with camera stabilizer, because any displacement is magnified when the subject in the lens is too large, the looser composition fits with a wider lens Can take more background) will have a better effect. This is also true when looking for reference objects. 

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