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Best Sevenoak Shoulder Support Camera Rig

  Stability is crucial, not only because it's about the quality of the shots, but about the camera's safety. Cheap camera rig things that break the camera often happen! Math teacher said the triangle is the most stable graphics, since they are all the same, why some instability?

  First of all we have to talk about the material. Most camera rig on the market are made of aluminum or carbon fiber. Aluminum and carbon fiber than the easy to break easily, but because of the lower cost, most of the low-end camera rig are aluminum. Carbon fiber camera rig solidity and good toughness, but also lighter than aluminum alloy, is the choice of many photographers who love to travel, but it is expensive ... carbon fiber camera rig generally from 600 yuan.

  If someone told you that his carbon fiber camera rig three hundred or four hundred will be able to sell you, it can not buy! Before we know a user complained about carbon fiber camera rig is not good, easy to break. Someone asked him how much he bought, and he said 200, so everyone casts a sympathetic gaze on her because she must have been cheated.


  Second, there is the stability of the leg section. A camera rig is fully extended and the legs of the camera are a few camera rig. For example, the camera rig above is a three-camera rig. In general, the more foot sections, the more unstable, but at the same time put away smaller. This is a question of trade-offs. There are a lot of camera rigs on the market in three sections and four sections.

  In addition, the stability and the thickness of the legs, the use of methods and so on.

  It just seems to be mentioned that the carbon-fiber camera rig is lighter and the smaller the number of leg sections, the smaller it is housed. Portability is of course the pursuit of compact, who are willing to back a very heavy thing to travel ah. But portability should come after the stability, because the worst thing is not carrying a heavy camera rig to travel, but back a camera rig to travel results camera rig down fell the camera ... that is better not Back, hanging neck hanging on what equipment is not necessarily lost.

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