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Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 2

More and more people join the ranks of Selfie enthusiasts, but whether it is taking pictures or video, most users through the use of Selfie lever or hand-held shooting, in which case there will be some jitter, low light environment will Take a blurry picture.

A good Selfie tool not only provides a wider range of shooting angles, but also shoot more stable and clear photos.

Sevenoak is a phone camera stabilizer, it is light weight and small size, very portable, anti-shake feature allows beginners to shoot clear and large. sevenoak cell phone camera  weighs only 180 grams built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery.

  Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 2

  Sevenoak SK-SW Pro 2 Carbon Fiber Handheld Video Stabilizer is a lightweight hand-held camera stabilization system for cameras and video cameras weighing up to approx. 3 kg. This stabilizer guarantees incredibly smooth and graceful shots even when you are running or going up and down stairs. It provides professional pictures or videos for professional video and film makers. It features carbon fiber and Aluminum construction; quick release camera platform; back and forth, side to side, up and down fine adjustment, height adjustable hand grip etc.


2 hours of charge to meet the 8-hour shooting In addition, it's built-in power and charging treasure function can be used for emergency charging mobile phones. Sevenoak size can be said that the smallest of its kind, only 113 × 43.5 × 23 mm, to facilitate the handbag or pocket will not take up too much space.

It has built-in fill light for easy shooting more professional photos, through the standard 1/4 inch interface can also be installed to the existing Selfie or tripod to use.

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