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How to Reduce Camera Shake with sevenoak camera stabilizer

  Of course, camera stabilizer is also a disadvantage, and Steadicam also has advantages. For example, ordinary three-axis camera stabilizer through the motor so that the camera always maintain a movement in the direction of the upper and lower jitter filter by the operator's arms, experienced operators can be smooth as one, and many novice test video, We can often see people walking Britain one Britain one movement, and Stein Nikon shock absorber in the filter up and down the jitter, it has inherent advantages. We can summarize the advantages and disadvantages of both.

  Camera stabilizer advantages:

  The price is relatively cheap, easy installation and commissioning, relatively easy to use, compact size, light weight, multi-purpose, can be used when remote control shock PTZ, shooting can play a larger space.

  Handheld Video Stabilizer SK-SW03N

  The Sevenoak stabilizer SK-SW03N is a lightweight, hand-held camera stabilizer system designed for DSLR cameras weighing up to 1.5KG. This system works so well that it allows you to get that incredibly smooth, graceful and steady shot even while going to extremes like running up and down stairs.


  Transmissible shooting, camera stabilizer disadvantages:

  Difficult to filter up and down the jitter, need to charge, the operator's arms overburdened

  The advantages of Steadicam: spring arm filter up and down jitter, average load distribution, mechanical damping, high reliability

  Disadvantages of Steadicam: bulky, heavy weight Installation and commissioning are time-consuming, take a long time to practice hard, shooting angle is limited

  Perhaps camera stabilizer to Steinikang end to end this sentence is not accurate in the future, the motor and the traditional combination of Steadicam is the ultimate embodiment of the camera stabilizer, and the importance of Steadicam in today's filming has been more and more Important, to completely replace Steadicam status, basically impossible.

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