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Best choice to Buy Dslr Camera Stabilizer

  There are many different types of camera, and even digital compacts come in several different varieties. As it happens, there are two that would suit you: “enthusiast compacts” and “travel zooms”. Unfortunately, you would like something that fits both categories, and as far as I know, there’s only one of those.

  “Enthusiast compacts” are small cameras designed for people who normally use a DSLR with multiple lenses but want a second camera they can slip in a pocket when not carrying their main kit around. They have to deliver high image quality, and price isn’t that important. If you can afford a good DSLR with extra lenses, you can probably afford a compact camera that delivers similar results.

  The Canon G1 helped kick-start this market, but the Sony RX100 has become many enthusiasts’ compact of choice. I’m not surprised to hear your YouTube photographer recommended it, and it has made several appearances in Ask Jack.

  However, enthusiast compacts do not offer the optical zoom range you’re after. Typically they have 3x zoom lenses, and the M5 only covers 24mm to 70mm.


What is the best stabilizing gimbal or a steadicam system for your phone?

If you are an enthusiast video maker using your phone, you surely must have asked yourself this question. After all the combination of optical and electronic image stabilization on modern smartphones is good, but it is not ideal, especially if you want to film action, running, sports.

Luckily, you do have options. You can pick between an automated stabilizing gimbal or a steadicam, semi-auto system. There are three big names around: two gimbals and one steadicam system that have won nearly universal praise and that are easily available in Best Buy and other popular retailers in the United States and across the globe. We look at each of them in detail and list all their pros and cons. Read on.

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