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Sevenoak Professional Video Camera Slider SK-TXS80

  For a long time, the concepts of "electronic control" and "portability" seemed to have not always been well integrated in camera products and it was hard to "economize" in price. The sevenoak latest camera slider aims to change this phenomenon, it uses a molded aluminum structure, built-in motor and battery module, users can use a dedicated APP to achieve many professional functions. Most of the electrically controlled camera slider on the market use heavy external units to house motors, controllers, and batteries, while the sevenoak puts all the necessary components in a one-piece housing. With a coreless DC motor, the sevenoak is extremely quiet at low speeds.

Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-TXS80
THE Sevenoak SK-TXS80 is a portable and extendable carbon fiber Camera slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers.It features a belt-drive system driven by anincluded flywheel. The flywheel attaches to the end of the camera slider, providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked slides, even at slow speeds.It also serves as an inertial dampener that helps your camera stop smoothly for usable tracking shots and push-ins from start to finish of each take.


  There is no doubt that in most shooting scenes, uniform and smooth camera movement is a professional manifestation. However, even with the state-of-the-art camera slider system, the free-wheeling track is often challenging. If you carry a heavy camera, it is the test of technology. Often only electrically controlled camera slider systems are fully accurate and controllable.

  In response, network red equipment manufacturer sevenoak has introduced a simple and effective solution, through an additional module to achieve uniform speed. In essence, this is a mechanical attachment for the company's sevenoak camera slider, which adjusts the slider's kinetic tension with hydrodynamic principles to give you a completely constant experience even at ultra-low speeds.

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