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How to determine the stability of camera stabilizer

Whether it is a long shot, macro, close-up, with the shot, people feel almost the existence of the lens itself.

To this end, countless movie people go forward, just to do one thing - to make the camera more stable. This will give the audience a better viewing experience and truly blend into the scenes on the screen as part of the story.

The emergence of Steadicam precisely in order to meet the needs of stability.

But Steadicam's prohibitively high prices are prohibitive and the cost of learning too high. Those who are not professionally trained find it hard to steer such monsters. Too many large lenses are hard to navigate while photographing many specific lenses Some narrow aisles and other areas through the stairs.

This is why the 3-axis SLR camera was born.

Stability is the soul of a camera stabilizer, so how to determine the stability of a camera stabilizer is good or bad?

Before choosing a camera stabilizer, it is best to find out some of the key concepts that affect camera stabilizer performance.

How to determine the stability of camera stabilizer

  Sevenoak Camera stabilizer SK-W02

  Sevenoak SK-W02 is a video Camera stabilizer designed specifically to reduce shaking and provide stability on the process of video shooting on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 1KG/2.2lbs.

  Features with aluminum construction, comfort grip handle, super-smooth gimbal and flexible gimbal, built-in spirit level, rubberized camera plate, addable and polished counter-weight, built-in spirit level and rubberized camera mount, this compact hand-held stabilizer becomes the most versatile stabilizer on the worldwide market.


An important parameter that affects the performance of camera stabilizer is the torque of camera stabilizer. This concept is somewhat similar to the car's engine horsepower, horsepower on behalf of the better the car performance. The larger the torque, the better the stability of the camera stabilizer.

Here to teach you a simple way to consider the size of the camera stabilizer torque. Step one: the camera stabilizer on the erected position, as shown above; Step two: a finger flicking the edge of the camera quickly, so that the camera produces a small amount of back and forth oscillation; Step three: observe the camera's status, you can see, Yunhe 2 Equipped with a camera back in the fast, and the swing is small, indicating camera torque torsion; and the other swing large, PTZ pedaling, back in the slow, indicating a small torque.

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