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Camera rig important? how to choose?

Camera rig important? how to choose?

For amateurs of landscape photography, it is important to choose a good camera rig. camera rig, I suggest that in the budget is not tight, buy a relatively good quality. (I am not convenient here to recommend a specific brand, or advertised abandoned.) But one-sidedly from the price to refer to, if you micro-single, at least configure a price of more than a thousand shelves, if you use SLR, then the budget Times

Better friends in economic conditions, you can buy a better choice, a good camera rig, spent 10 years is possible, the investment is worth it.

Many beginners are very willing to pay for the camera, buy the lens, but not willing to invest in the accessories, in fact, this concept needs to be refreshed, like camera rig this has a direct impact on the quality of the accessories, or to buy a relatively more secure , Or no matter how good your camera lens, a shelves to take pictures of the scenery, it is easy to empty off, no matter how good the investment in equipment before, but also playing in the water here.

Camera rig better quality, a shelf can be used for many years, but not devalued, in my opinion, it is worth buying. Otherwise, buy a general quality, with 1-2 years, but also change, do not say frustration, but also a waste.

If you often go to outdoor photography, a good camera rig can help you open the way in the deep grass, dogs in the village, taking into account the self-defense, these are the experience ah :)

Finally, to explain, PTZ is very important, a lot of professional shelves, PTZ needs its own allocation, if you like to take the scenery, or the scene of the tab, choose a better alone PTZ is necessary. A lot of Haeundae, corresponding to a lot of professional shooting capabilities, you can consult the business, according to their own needs configuration.

  Shoulder support Camera Rig SK-R01

  Sevenoak SK-R01 is a highly compact shoulder support camera rig designed for stabilizing lightweight SLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 10KG. It features with soft foam shoulder pad, adjustable height, flexible configuration, movable baseplate, detachable handle grip etc. Designed with adjustable height and flexible configuration, it can be easily adjusted for different height and left or right shoulder operation and for suiting body types. The detachable handle grip can be used as a stand-alone support for lightweight cameras.


For me, the most important thing about camera rigs is light, but being lightweight often means high prices. Often, you tangle in aluminum tripods and carbon fiber tripods.

The lightest camera rig must be carbon fiber, which, in addition to its lightness, offers durability and is more stable and corrosion-resistant. Although they are more expensive, I think it is worth it.

If carbon fiber tripod is beyond your budget, then you can choose aluminum tripod, they are quite stable, especially in the face of strong winds. However, in the face of vibration, their lack of stability, while easily corroded in the oceans.

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