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What Camera rig can shoot and what it does.

  People often ask what equipment should be taken while traveling. Those extra lenses, filters, etc. can be taken without weight reduction. However, there is an accessory that we think is very important. If so, it should be Camera Rig So what is the purpose of the Camera rig? Why should we bring it during the trip? Let's take a look at what Camera rig can shoot and what it does.

  You may know that the most beautiful light is often sunrise, sunset, and about 30 minutes before and after the prime time. To make moving, higher quality sunsets and sun sets, use a variety of filters such as graded gray or black cards, and do not overdo it when light is low. At this moment, Camera Rig can easily solve the problem of the shutter and make it easier for you to shoot with other accessories.

  Multifunctional Pocket Camera Rig SK-VH10

  Sevenoak SK-VH10 is a multifunctional flexible and foldable pocket camera rig which aims to stabilize your shooting, and it is designed for use with GoPro, Smartphone and DSLRs. The solid Aluminum construction allows SK-VH10 to support cameras weighing up to 4kg. The flexible tooth-joint design allows it to be folded up to a size that fits in your pocket, and unfolded into a number of different support configurations: a shoulder camera rig, a video handle, a selfie pole or a pistol grip etc. With Multifunctional Pocket camera Rig SK-VH10, you can go anywhere and shoots。


  How to place a camera rig on a slope?

  If you are shooting with Camera rig on a slope, there is a way to get the camera out of the way of a sudden danger. If we were shooting on a rock or a slope on a hill, with one of the Camera rig's legs on itself, the three-legged Camera rig would hold the camera steady and prevent it from falling.

  Often see novice who mistakenly use the Camera rig, either can not make the best use of, waste function, or because of the method is not correct lead to accidental frequency, so on 10,000 yuan equipment fall. Tripod role is to stabilize the camera to reduce vibration, but the wrong words, not only failed to function, but will become a security risk. So, here I cite a few mistakes made by Camera Rig, as well as ways and tips to improve them.

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