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Best Creative Camera Slider Tips for your video

  I believe when everyone went out shooting have felt too heavy equipment, weight is very hard feeling. However, in order to shoot the ideal work they have to bring complete photographic equipment. So today to share with you a short video, you can teach you how to simulate the monopod slide section.

  Camera slider because there is only one fulcrum, so if the move will be somewhat unstable

  But we can do that with our feet

  Camera Slider SK-LS60
  The Sevenoak Camera Slider SK-LS60 is designed to give you the ability to create good-quality production shots without over-extending your budget. Featuring heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction, super-smooth glide rail, spirit level & tension adjustment, the camera Slider SK-LS60 gives you the best value. It can be attached directly to a tripod and may also be used standalone with the included feet, which raises your camera setup approximately 2" off the ground. The camera slider SK-LS60 is suitable for amateur cameras, professional cameras as well as for cameras with the function of recording movies (for example Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 60D,Canon 500D~550D,Nikon D3100,D7000,Sony A55 etc)
  Size (LxWxH): 60*9*7 cm
  Product weight: 1.05 KG
  Max load capacity: 10 KG


  High ground bearing, there are a lot of pillars, when shooting in the big scenes will be very general, pay attention to the design layout of the scene.

  Save a camera, the province is not only two thousand, there may be lost the most wonderful a few shots of life.

  Camera 5D2 single shooting time is only 12 minutes, 70D, 6D, 5D3 camera shooting time in 30 minutes, shooting more secure.

  We all know that it is very troublesome to adjust the height of the camera slider during shooting. You have to lean down and unscrew the three locking buttons, and then pull it up or down and lock it one after another ... not only time-consuming but also often requires two people Adjust together.

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