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  Photographers Geoff Tompkinson used two cameras for shooting and some shots were done with a smooth zoom, either zoom in or zoom out. All the exercise is based on a virtual three-dimensional space (there is a scene in the hotel scene is moving), these are done in Adobe After Effects post-production, the simulation of aerial effects, through the formation of a complex four-dimensional puzzle eventually Into a film.

  You do not always need the best, most expensive equipment, sometimes limited equipment is a good thing, you can always be imaginative, so you become more creative. This video shows how to simulate the slide effect with camera slider. This kind of shooting skills and we have released before "to enhance the movement of the fixed lens" has the same purpose.

  Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80
  THE Sevenoak Light-weight Carbon Fiber Camera Slider SK-CFS80 is a portable carbon fiber slider designed for both amateur and professional photographers/video makers. It features adjustable and foldable feet, super smooth sliding plate, extendable carbon fiber rails, built-in 1/4” and 3/8” screw holes.
  The sliding plate features a 3/8” screw which is compatible with most tripods heads, besides this, the sliding plate is also built with several extra 1/4” and 3/8” threaded holes which enables to you attach other accessories like LED lights, Microphone or monitor etc.
  Supports loads up to 7KG
  Overall length 80cm


  Just put your camera on the camera slider, push and pull the camera along with the camera slider, move the camera slowly, and you can pan the camera to adjust the shooting angle so that the camera movement seems to be done through the slide, It is smooth.

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