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What is an electronic viewfinder on a camera?

  In recent years, with the anti-camera have appeared one after another, the progress of the electronic viewfinder also go straight forward. Now it is not only used to composition, the brightness of the picture, the picture effect, the focus can be shown in it, the display effect is also more excellent. Let's take a closer look at the latest knowledge of electronic viewfinder.

  The breakdown of the electronic viewfinder advantages of continuous improvement where the biggest difference between SLR and SLR camera viewfinder. SLR cameras using the optical viewfinder, light through the lens after reflection through the mirror, we can see the screen projected onto the screen. For this reason, in order to let the light shine on the image sensor during shooting, the mirror will pop up when the shutter is released, and return to the original position after the exposure is completed. This is a necessary mechanical structure of the SLR camera.

  Viewfinder 3.2" SK-VF Pro 1
  The sevenoak SK-VF Pro 1 is a 3.0x viewfinder designed for SLR cameras with 3”/3.2” LCD screen. It features with 3.0x focusable magnification, an optical designed lens, an anti-fog protective cover, an eyecup preventing light leakage, a 43.5mm diameter diopter etc. It was connected to the camera via an innovative magnetic quick release that inserts to a Manfrotto 501PL compatible baseplate.SK-VF Pro 1 offers an adjustable diopter that enlarges the LCD image by a factor of 3.0.
  Product size: 21.2*9.1*9cm


     In addition, the mirror not only reflects the light toward the focusing screen, but it also assumes the responsibility of directing the light to a phase difference AF sensor. Recently, many non-anti-camera have a focal plane phase difference autofocus capability, contrast autofocus capability has also been improved. Although it has been able to cope with some scenes that require AF tracking, but in the need to use super-telephoto lens shooting subjects strenuous exercise scenes, far out of reach SLR camera's leading position.

  On the other hand, the electronic viewfinder used by the non-reverse camera displays and displays the light projected onto the image sensor through the lens after being output and processed by the liquid crystal or organic EL display. Since focusing also requires information obtained by reading and processing the image sensor, it is slightly less than the high-speed phase-difference AF of the SLR camera, but there is no advantage in the focusing accuracy with respect to the anti-camera. In addition, although the SLR camera can also be considered in the live view mode without the use of electronic viewfinder camera state, but taking into account the feel of the handheld and bright outdoor LCD screen in terms of clarity, or have the same electronic viewfinder Camera to use more convenient.

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