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Professional Video Camera Cranes jib arm

Almost no news in recent years, but can not deny that they launched a few years ago JIB arm series is how advanced. Even with the current look, JIB arm are not outdated.

Three years ago, JIB arm released, from the design point of view, it has at least the following highlights:

1. Lightweight design, full weight is only 6 kg (excluding weight)

2. Easy to deploy, without any tools, as long as the camera is installed, adjust the balance can be used.

3. In the form of quick plate fixed to the tripod, loading and unloading is extremely convenient.

4. Through a crank handle can be smoothly carried out the camera's pitch control, for the first time a small rocker has the same electronic joystick-like mobile PTZ function.

5. Sandbag weight design, the user can fill their own sand or gravel, emptying after the completion of the film to carry.

  Carbon fiber Jib Arm SK-JA20
  Sevenoak Carbon fiber Jib Arm SK-JA20 is a tripod mounted camera crane system designed to allow you to smoothly boom your camera up, down and move your camera in an infinite number of 360 degree arcs. When balanced properly and used correctly, SK-JA20 enables you to move your camera precisely and fluidly and get that marvelous picture or short film. It’s perfect for wedding videographers, documentary producers, music video productions or for anyone who has the need for a Jib Arm.
  Size: 239*6*29 cm
  Product net weight: 2.35 KG
  Max load capacity: 5 KG


JIB arm appearance is also extremely simple, the main components are hidden integrated in the arm inside. The main boom body length of 1.5 meters, to meet most of the shooting needs. Arm also has a monitor mounting point, compatible with all monitors on the market. Let's take a look at the official introductory video released at the time:

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