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What is the best dslr video Camera rig

  First of all, we have to choose a shooting equipment. For the moment, most of the camera-equipped devices such as SLRs, camcorders, sports DVs and mobile phones can meet the needs of our shooting time-lapse photography (some products have a built-in delay function, which is not available, like a mobile phone, App to solve). In short, the choice of shooting equipment is very broad, as long as the device itself or by external conditions can be achieved; interval shooting; this hard condition can be. Preparation of shooting equipment (camera slider, camera tripod )

  Then, is the relevant shooting attachment. If you plan to shoot a fixed delay, then you need to prepare a stable tripod, if it is shooting a small range of movement delay, then you may want to prepare a time-shift function of the guide;

  CowboyStudio Premium Shoulder  Support Camera Rig Mount for Video Camera DV Camcorder HD DSLR, SK-VC01

  I purchased this shoulder mount because I have started shooting video with a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. Ideally, a tripod should always be used when shooting video, but that's not always practical. The reason that TV news camera people are able to get acceptable hand held shots is that their cameras are heavier than consumer models and are mounted on the shoulder. This shoulder mount is well made of anodized aluminum, but when you put a DSLR, or other small camera on it, it's too light to achieve steady shots. I would like to see attachable weights offered as an accessory.


  •   One (1) Adjustable camera rig
  •   20" long, 3.5" wide, and 7" tall; Grip handle: 6" long
  •   1/4" tripod screw to mount camera
  •   Padded shoulder mount and grip handle, Aluminum constructions
  •   Designed for small DV, 4/3 cameras and small DSLR cameras
  •   Small-scale moving delay shooting

  In this section we use the photo interval method, first of all, still need to adjust the camera fixed exposure parameters, focal length, frame ratio, as well as the most important interval time.

  The camera is fixed on the slider rail (a small range of mobile prospects for reference, exercise effect is obvious)

  Then, the camera fixed on the delay slider, set the slider speed (professional delay slider support interval time movement), then you can shoot formally.

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