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Why Do You Need a Matte Box?

  The main reason why the matte box was rejected by some photo shooters was that they tried to compare each photo taken with the matte box on the same occasion and found that there was no difference at all. For many troublesome, especially novice photographers, the disassembly of the matte box was really unbearable for the photographic equipment. Since the role of "not big", why not not directly use? NO! NO! NO! Matte box little effect!

  The So-called matte box, as the name suggests is a cover for shading. Common types of matte box are cylindrical, petal type. Its material is metal, hard plastic, soft rubber and so on. matte box main role is as follows:

  ● prevent glare

  If the surrounding stray light into the lens, reflected through the lens to the light-sensitive components, will form a bright light. If there is flare, it may form a light class. Images may fog, reduce contrast and color saturation. With matte box, to prevent stray light into the lens after the flare.

  ● protect the lens

  Sometimes accidental inevitable, the lens may hit a bit, fell a moment, then it is a protective cover, greatly reducing the risk of damage to the lens.

  Matte Box SK-MB1
  Simple and lightweight;
  Foldable and removable French flag;
  Fits for industry standard 15mm supporting rods;
  Universal anti-reflection fabric donut;
  Adaptable to various lens sizes;
  Compatible with other accessories;
  High-grade ABS plastic and Aluminum construction;


  ● block rain and snow, sand

  Rainy weather shooting will also make you aware of the benefits of a matte box, even if it does not block rain and snow 100%, but it is better to expose the rain and snow completely better.

  As shown in the figure, in the same exposure parameters of the circumstances, the upper left when shooting the sun is in the side backlight position, not with the matte box can clearly see Glare at the top right of the photo. In addition, without the use of matte box also can be seen at the same time all the green leaves should be yellowish, it can be said in this set of experiments glare and color cast two "hazards" are fully demonstrated.

  Big daytime shooting, because the light giant, with and without the matte box on the ambient light is actually not a big difference. But once you get to the dim light, such as at night, like indoors, you see the power of the matte box.

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