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The matte box is also a feature for camera lenses

  Nearly every camera lens comes with a round or square, or petal-shaped matte box. And different matte box length of the lens is not one.

  First, they are useless in the end?

  In everyday life, when we encounter very intense sunlight, we cover the eyes with our hands above our eyes, blocking the reverse sunlight and letting the light of the front scenery into our eyes, so that we can see clearly.

  Wearing a matte box lens, like with our hands covered in the eyes above.

  The picture below is matte box backlit photo effect:

  The matte box is also a feature for camera lenses - blocking unwanted light. In backlit, side light photography, matte box to prevent the non-imaging light to enter, to avoid haze; in the light and side light photography, to avoid the surrounding scattered light into the lens; in light photography or night photography, you can avoid surrounding The interference light enters the lens. Matte box wall flocking, but also to prevent the light in the matte box wall reflection. So, the camera is equipped with a photo taken by a matte box, generally with richer colors and deeper saturation.


  Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB4

  Flexible, easy to add on and remove;
  Foldable and removable French flag and side wings;
  Fits for industry standard 15mm supporting rods;
  Universal anti-reflection fabric donut;
  High-grade ABS plastic and Aluminum construction;
  Adaptable to various lens sizes;
  With quick release/add on clamp design;
  Compatible with other accessories;
  Swing away design allow you to move the matte box away easily;

  Second, why some cameras must use a square matte box?

  You may find that square matte boxes are mostly equipped with camera lenses that are more expensive like the Lycra. Or, on the TV, movie camera lens. Are they playing cool?

  A very important reason - Lycra is a paraxial camera. Moreover, all paraxial cameras either do not fit the matte box, or the matte box is square.

  This is because the images we view from the viewfinder of the paraxial camera do not come from the camera but from a viewfinder above the left (or right) top of the camera. If you use a round matte box, the matte box will be part of the viewfinder blocking part of the line of sight, and affect the observation.

  Take a look at the matte box blocking the view of the front section of the line of sight:

  We can see from the figure, such as with the length of the shading requirements of the matte box will affect the length of the line of sight. The short round matte box does not affect the line of sight, but the shading effect is greatly reduced.

  In addition, industrial production, regardless of metal casting, or plastic injection molding, cylindrical, column and other objects of regular shape mold development difficulty and cost is the lowest, and round-the-box matte box mold development difficulty and cost will be relative Higher. And, whether casting or injection molding in the final stage of molding demoulding stage if improper handling, product deformation may cause defects. As a business, of course, to consider the cost to a minimum.

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