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Tips for Choosing a Good Tripod Head ?

  Aluminum alloy is big in weight and strong in resistance to external force. The weight of carbon fiber is light and vibration dispersion is good. Compared with the aluminum carbon material of the same type, the carbon fiber should bear 2KG more.

  The smaller the number of sections of the tripod, the more stable, considering the stability, the most appropriate section 3, consider the portability of the words, the most appropriate section 5, select phobia, then hey, directly on the 4. Vibration diffusivity is reflected in the length of the vibration, the size of the vibration above.

  When using the tripod head , it is recommended not to raise the shaft, the use of optional attention to height, weight, use the proposed legs forward, legs backward, this is the most scientific way, because after all the camera is a lens, the overall center of gravity Or in front of the location.



  Head focus is to buy, damping, operational, locking effect, adapt to the scene. The moderate damping is a great advantage Tripod Head, which determines the precise positioning and dynamic stability. Operational is easy to use considerations. Complex operation, not fast This will cause great resistance to shooting. Locking effect, determines the static stability of the head.

  Adapt to the scene: divided into table, three-dimensional Tripod Head, gear Tripod Head, hydraulic Tripod Head, panoramic Tripod Head and so on.

  Tripod Head and tripod budget should be 45%, because the Tripod Head locking determines the degree of stability of the camera, the common bow, positioning is not allowed to have the Tripod Head is not ideal. A good Tripod Head bear the burden of bearing on the role, so we should pay attention to the purchase of Tripod Head.

  Fast-loading plates are often the most critical part neglected by most people, so account for 10% of the total system load-bearing system. The camera and the quick release plate loose, the light caused by vibration, resulting in blurred images; severe cases may appear off the camera, causing varying degrees of damage to the camera.

  Why is the camera and the quick release plate will be loose? It is very simple to say that the quick release plate is not locked, ordinary quick release plate is universal, and does not fit the camera well, this will produce friction loosening. The professional quick release plate fits well to the camera, and the professional quick release plate design takes the camera's center of gravity into account and is more stable to use.

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