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Sevenoak camera stabilizer to help you shoot a stable picture

  There are many ways to keep the picture steady in everyday shooting.Camera Stabilizer,tripods,Camera rig and other stable support system in the market is everywhere, and there is no lack of quality. In addition to that money to buy equipment outside the stable, everyday have tips can also help us to stabilize the picture it? Here we look at the text of the six tips stabilize it.

  Method one: make tripod slip pad

  When you want to make the desktop tripod free to slide, we can give the tripod to help slide the "socks."

  Method two: clever use of shoes to help stabilizer

  No tripod, the same can be stable shooting. Need to have camera and shoelaces (or a length of rope).

  When shooting we apply to our hands and feet, through the lace 4 points can be stable to help shoot.


  Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 2

  •   Maximum Length: Approx. 72.5cm
  •   Minimum Length: Approx. 45cm
  •   Product weight: Approx. 2.0 kg
  •   Max load capacity: 3 kg

  Trick 3: clever use of the camera strap

  Maybe we will Tucao: where to find so long lace. It does not matter if you have a shoelace, and your camera belt can help you too.

  We taut with his camera while shooting, the formation of such neck, camera, arm between three three-point force, effectively prevent camera shake, shoot the video more stable.

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