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Camera rig how much should be invested more appropriate?

  Camera rig material and light?

  The common camera rig has the following three materials:

  Steel: the most Shen, very cheap, very solid

  Aluminum: a little heavy, cheaper, more solid

  Carbon fiber: light, expensive, extremely stable anti-shake

  Need to go with the purchase of carbon fiber and aluminum, the basic fixed place to buy steel, but also with the budget to buy aluminum.

  Mini Handheld Carbon Fiber Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 1

  Mini Handheld Carbon Fiber Camera Stabilizer SK-SW Pro 1 is a compact and portable hand-held stabilizer designed for use with DSLRs or small camcorders weighing up to 2.5KG.

  Compact, light weight and portable
  Compatible with small camcorders and DSLRs
  Made by carbon fiber and Aluminum
  Easy to find balance


  camera rig how much should be invested more appropriate?

  The discussion here is for people who want to go deep into photography. Because we buy the camera, buy the lens and other equipment when there is a purpose, I hope the photos taken more clearly, so rational considerations, spend the same money, investment in the more effective should choose which, there are many friends at The lens is often willing to buy more than ten thousand shots but the camera rig is not willing to more than a thousand, in fact, this is very irrational, there are mature style photographers put forward the camera rig investment should not be less than 30% of the total equipment, I personally think that at least not less than 10% -15%.

  How to choose a camera rig?

  Need to take with you: First determine whether you need to take a camera rig, which determines the material of the camera rig. If you do not need, then the absolute price of steel is cheap enough.

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