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Sevenoak camera stabilizer is the world's first with the best function stabilizer

  For the professional photography was born, sevenoak camera stabilizer is the world's first with the coke function stabilizer, integrated with non-polar high precision with coke function, 0 delay focus control, groundbreaking innovation and technology to make the shooting screen more abundant.

  18 hours of super life, from day to night no gaps in the night, the visual OLED screen with a new finger-pressure dial design, the camera and the stabilizer of the various parameters gathered in the visual screen, without connecting the app, you can easily With one hand to control the stabilizer and camera, so shooting with unlimited possibilities!

  The world's first combination of follower and stabilizer, with focus hand wheel real-time control of the lens focus, easy to control the entire screen, allowing you to easily achieve a Hollywood-level mirror at the end of the screen.


  Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer SK-SW03N

  Size: 37.5*19.5*12.5 cm

  Product weight: 2.02 KG

  Max load capacity: 1.5KG

  Important notice: We upgraded SK-SW03, the new one comes with rubber mat, scale marks on the camera mounting plate, more flexible hand grip, lockable center post etc, but we remove the bottom plate to enable you to hold it for longer shooting but without fatigue.

  Sevenoak camera stabilizer will be widely used in microfilm, media, wedding, tourism, parties, events, news, sports, film, news, live broadcast with professional stability, breakthrough follow-up design and low cost of learning , Party and other fields, to help users create more professional and stunning images, as film and television creators the best choice.

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