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How difficult is it to be a good hand-held stabilizer?

   Handheld camera stabilizer first and foremost a purely photographic equipment, the user will consider buying only when the camera is in motion. The use of the scene is doomed early users are mostly professionals. Want to meet the needs of such users, the performance of the product itself should reach professional level. "

  As we all know, a hand-held camera stabilizer is mainly reflected in the stability, portability, aesthetics and cost-effective four aspects.

  The stability is good or bad is the key to product performance, the camera stabilizer often invites technology geeks in the development process to do a depth trial, through a large number of late-stage research to slowly optimize the algorithm. Although the market is selling a lot of stabilizers, but most of the open-source algorithms, the actual use of the stability is not good, it is difficult to meet the needs of users. Some products using their own algorithms, there is a clear BUG in use.

  Sevenoak Camera stabilizer SK-W02N


  Supports up to 1KG
  Comfortable handle grip
  Super-smooth gimbal
  Adjustable counter weight
  Spirit level Lightweight and compact


  In order to handle the stabilizer portable, they chose the smallest possible motor, and algorithm-optimized. Structural design to maintain a stable 3-axis also minimize space. Professional photographic equipment often used with different accessories, the product quality and detail requirements are relatively high.

  For sevenoak stabilizer, as long as used will know that the user experience is much better. Handheld camera stabilizer on Taobao Although the price is low, but most of the quality is not good, in the use of their own algorithms, we are the cheapest products. "

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