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Best Hand-held camera stabilizer for use with sports cameras.

  The development of drones and motion cameras is largely tied to the drama, content and camera industry. Variety shows such as "Where's Dad?" Brought a lot of shooting equipment and techniques, such as drone, sports camera, and hand-held camera stabilizer for use with sports cameras.

  Understand that in recent years there are not many manufacturers that have introduced hand-held camera stabilizers in the world, and even fewer are causing ordinary people's attention. Handheld stabilizer is the better domestic sevenoak, handheld stabilizer is still a niche product, for most people is still very fresh.

  Handheld Camera  stabilizer appears, the market where?

  If the crowd using photographic equipment by pyramid classification, the more people close to the spire, they use the product more expensive and complex. The closer to the bottom of the pyramid, the user tends to be more cost-effective, portable and easy to use.

  Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer Pro Big Size SK-HS1

  The Sevenoak SK-HS1 is a hand-held camera stabilizer system designed for DSLR cameras weighing up to 4kg. This system works so well that it allows you to get that incredibly smooth, graceful and steady shot even while going to extremes like running up and down stairs.



  Fine adjustment Camera Balance Platform

  Integrated quick-release Camera Plate

  Adjustable convergence, precision, three axis gimbal

  Adjustable dynamic balance and inertial control Base Platform

  Back to the history of the Camera stabilizer, the earliest just to solve the movement of the screen jitter problem. Steadicam's bulky and harsh use of the way, its application has always been limited to film and television, sports events shooting. Today, more and more people use mobile phones to take pictures, Sta Nikon try to expand to the consumer market, but the lowest price of 300,000 made it almost impossible.

  More than just a stabilizer sevenoak handheld tripod head camera

  Dynamic video shooting and ultimately, the use of stabilizers, in addition to the performance of nervous tension, smooth dynamic picture can greatly enhance the viewing pleasure, improve the overall shooting quality. Handheld camera stabilizer more and more manufacturers to join. Sevenoak recently introduced hand-held camera tripod head is one of them, but not just a stabilizer, but the integration of the camera in which, so there is more functional expansion.

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