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How to choose photography camera slider for you ?

Questions to Ask When Picking a Best Camera Stabilizer

Track can be said that the film and television programs necessary tools.

Whether it is film and television, publicity films what needs track, mainly for use with the film.

Usually we see "chatting" what, most are taken by the track

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But the problem of orbit is too bulky, inconvenient to carry.

Especially when shooting indoor lenses, it is not convenient.

So later introduced a small track, also known as "table track."

Small camera slider small size, easy to carry, has become a shooting weapon.

  Sevenoak SK-LS60 23''


      Sevenoak SK-LS60 23'' camera slider for Canon 5D Mark2 7D 60D 500D-550D Nikon D3100 D7000 Sony A55;

  Smooth Slides with Rigs up to 20 lbs

  1/4" & 3/8" Threads for Mounting Tripod

  Small and Handy Slider

  Bubble Level for Measuring Evenness

  1/4" & 3/8" Screws for Cameras / Heads


  I had purchased this camera  slider and made a quick video on it to help those of you out wanting to learn more...it is a very nice slider. I intend to purchase additional items in the near future and create more reviews and films with them to share with you potential shoppers. I've uploaded it on my video channel but I've submitted a copy here for you all to watch, cheers and have fun with your videos!

  It supports up to 22lbs so almost every normal/everyday video recording equipment will work and mounts to your tripod as well. You can even remove both legs and mount it to 2 tripods for a perfectly balanced slider!

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