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The Sevenoak Steadicam is a camera stabilizer for your smartphone

  In order to shoot a stable handheld effect, under normal circumstances will use Steadicam. Whether it's a Hollywood blockbuster or a low-cost personal video clip, Steadicam is a good choice. However, after the appearance of the electronic gyroscope stabilizer, which attracted the attention of the industry, Steadicam gradually faded out of our sight. Some people even think that the effect of Steadicam is not as good as the electronic gyroscope stabilizer.sevenoak Camera stabilizer are all Accepted by people.


  In fact, the effect of the two is very close, but not the same way of use and convenience fills Stanley Kang filming in a variety of high-end has been used until now, of course, has its own truth, at least its load is the ordinary gyroscope Stabilizer can not catch up, let's look at its effect, in fact, no worse than the electronic gyroscope stabilizer.

  In contrast,


 is a purely mechanical device that is more affordable to low-cost producers and remains an indispensable avenue for filmmakers. The electronic gyroscope stabilizer expensive, although the effect is great, but not suitable for ordinary users.