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Questions to Ask how to choose a Camera Stabilizer

  Steadicam, a lightweight movie camera stand that can be carried by hand. Invented by the American Garrett Brown (who is not only the inventor of Steadicam and one of Hollywood's top Stanikang photographers), has been gradually used by the industry since the 1970s and started to be used in our country in the 1990s.

  1, which part is mainly composed of Stanisiks?

  The three main elements of Steadicam:

  ● An elastic spring alloy damping arm with joint

  ● A specially designed balance component to support camera equipment

  ● Auxiliary vest

  The camera is attached to the balance unit along with the battery and the camera. The balance unit is connected to the joint arm and the damper arm is connected to the vest. The structure of the damper arm and the vest is mainly for making the photographer's body and the camera Separate, balanced components provide the best balance for the camera.

  2, Stein Nikon was invented?

  In general, the audience is more willing to choose a smooth and steady picture during the viewing process. Of course, in the special style of the special story, the dithered picture brings more immersive feeling. Steadicam's job is to make the footage smoother. Theoretical origin - chicken head anti-shake

  After watching it, the lens is fixed on the Steadicam and the chicken head anti-shake effect is exactly the same, of course, photographers can also see the chicken head as a lens, the chicken neck imagined Steadicam.


  3, What are the types of Camera stabilizer ?

  Steadicam is a stabilizing device used to stabilize the camera, which is "worn on the body" like a vest, holding a pole with a camera on it. Therefore, Steadicam can be divided into these types:

  ● Large Steadicam: load-bearing vest + shock absorber + stabilizer

  ● Steadicam gyroscope: load-bearing vest + shock absorber arm + stabilizer bar + gyroscope roller

  ● low-shot version of Steadicam: load-bearing vest + shock absorber arm + stable balance bar + low-profile C-frame + Angle Mediator

  ● Monitor Steadicam: load-bearing vest + shock absorber arm + stabilizer bar + monitor + battery + angle mediator

  ● Handheld version of Steadicam: Stabilizer

  4, shooting in what ways can avoid the screen fierce shaking?

  Shooting process to avoid shaking the way options:

  ● use a fixed location for shooting;

  ● use the track;

  The photographer shoulders the camera, and can ensure that the camera is not shaking (in general, there will be shaking);

  ● shooting with Steadicam;

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