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Handheld DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer Steadycam

  Under normal circumstances, if the shooting video picture shaking very powerful will make the audience feel irritable, tired and dizzy feeling, so the filming process is often used to stabilize the shock absorber. With the popularity of DSLR camera video capture function, now some non-professional teams and individuals are also beginning to be interested in DSLR for DSLR.

  Sevenoak camera stabilizer is designed for SLR design stabilizer, Sevenoak SK-SW02N uses a more advanced gyroscope and accelerometer sensor with different traditional stabilizers, it can judge the state of your camera through a dedicated software and through the brushless motor to Steady operation of the camera, can bring you excellent video stability.


  Sevenoak camera stabilizer motor used is very precise and powerful, it uses custom AlexMos allows Besteady has a very high custom and intuitive operation.

  The sevenoak camera stabilizer also comes with a USB port that lets you fine-tune it on your computer or create custom presets.

  Prototype and final design

  To ensure quality, sevenoak camera stabilizer uses high-quality materials, including aviation grade aluminum, carbon fiber and stainless steel, in order to make the overall lighter and more durable.

  In bearing capacity sevenoak camera stabilizer can support 2 kg camera, rechargeable battery, the battery can use 45-90 minutes (depending on the settings and the weight of the camera). In addition, in the new version, BeSteady One will also support Bluetooth, there will be more new and interesting games.

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