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without Camera stabilizer how to shoot a stable video picture

Camera shooting video has long been nothing new, large cinema, small fragments of life fragments, everywhere we can see the camera to participate in the video. There are many ways to shoot video, some people seek a little more documentary feeling (the picture in the movement according to the real situation with jitter).

some people are pursuing a more stable effect (through the anti-shake attachment for the movement of the picture more smooth, no jitter) . Two ways each have their own advantages can be used in different occasions, I discuss with you today is how to make the picture more stable without the attachment of the case.


In the daily use of the camera to shoot video, the cumbersome attachment may not always be able to bring around, handheld shooting by breathing, walking and environmental impact, the picture will inevitably produce jitter, this article is mainly about how to mitigate and avoid this jitter , Attention is to ease and avoid the need to compromise in any environment but also get the picture flowing course is more attached to the professional accessories.


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