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Tips about DSLR Camera-stabilizer choice:

  Camera stabilizer worth buying?

  How can it achieve the shooting effect?

  Traveling to bring reliable it?

  What practical shooting techniques?

  It can not Selfie?

  Related products how to choose?

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  I do not know when, all kinds of hand-held PTZ into the general public's field of vision, comparable to the stable effect of professional shooting experience, hand-held PTZ suddenly boomed, Taobao Jingdong casually a search, a lot of products.

  DSLR camera stabilizer is not worth buying? As well as practical shooting methods

  Compared with the professional stabilizer, his compact and lightweight is not a little bit at the same time, the price of the People First, but also allow home users to taste a fresh.

  DSLR camera stabilizer is not worth buying? As well as practical shooting methods

  Coupled with the efforts of various manufacturers of publicity, more and more consumers take the hands of the selfie stick, upgraded to this more advanced "toys."

  DSLR Camera-stabilizer choice:

  Before preparing to go out for travel in late May, suddenly wanted to make travel short films, then put the focus on the handheld stabilizer.

  Now available in the market for cell phone-specific stabilizer and gopro-compatible stabilizer, as well as SLR micro single-use handheld stabilizer, the category is still quite rich.

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