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What do i need to build a camera rig

  Sevenoak SK-R01 is a highly compact shoulder support  Camera rig designed for stabilizing lightweight SLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 2.5KG. It features with soft foam shoulder pad, adjustable height, flexible configuration, movable baseplate, detachable handle grip etc.

      Designed with adjustable height and flexible configuration, it can be easily adjusted for different height and left or right shoulder operation and for suiting body types. The detachable handle grip can be used as a stand-alone support for lightweight cameras. When used together with Sevenoak hold strap SK-R01HS and counter weight SK-R01CW, It makes a perfect equipment for you video.


  The features about sevenoak Shoulder support Camera rig;

  compact and lightweight design

  softfoam shoulder pad

  adjustable height

  flexible configuration

  movable baseplate

  detachable handle grip

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