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Sevenoak Camera stabilizer Pro series manual

  The Sevenoak SK-SW02N camera stabilizer is a series of precision and professional hand-held camera stabilizing system designed for camcorders and SLR cameras. It features with flexible handle grip, three-axis gimbal, addable counterweight disks, fore-and-aft trim screw, side-to-side trim screw, quick release camera mounting platform etc. This camera stabilizing system works so well that it allows you to get that, incredibly smooth and graceful, steady shot even while going to extremes like running up and down stairs.


  By trimming the fore-and-aft trim screw and side-to-side trim screw, the camera platform can be moved back and forth, and side to side to quickly allow you to adjust the cameras horizontal balance. By varying the amount of counterweight disks on the base platform or by changing the lenght of the no-tools telescoping Central post, the camera's vertical balance can be adjusted

  ■ Quick-release camera mounting platform

  ■ Precision fore-and-aft trim screw and side-to-side trim screw

  ■ Max load 3.0KG,Max height 60cm,Min height 40cm

  ■ Unique and precision three axis Gimbal

  ■ Adjustable dynamic balance

  ■ Addable counterweight disks

  ■ Rigid Aluminum construction

  ■ Lightweight design

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