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how to make a professional shoulder camera rig?

  SK-R6 is a professional shoulder support camera rig designed for stabilizing cameras up to 10KG. It features two adjustable foam padded hand grips, moveable camera platform, comfortable foam shoulder pad etc. The movable camera platform makes it easy to find the right position for dierent cameras. The soft shoulder pad will also allow for comfortable use over long periods of shooting. The position of the hand grips can also be adjusted according to your desire. Install the shoulder pad connector on to the shoulder pad using the two Allen screws and the included Allen wrench. If the SK-R6 will be used on the right shoulder,lock the connector to the should pad as shown in below figure 1 with 1/4 screw hole part towards left. If the left   shoulder will be holding the support, lock the connector to the shoulder pad as shown in the below figure 2 with 1/4 screw hole part towards right.

  2. Attach the shoulder mount frame to the shoulder pad connector with one clamping elements and a minus screw.With the screw in place, you can adjust the vertical height of the rig by loosening the screw slightly and moving the shoulder mount frame up and down until it’s at desired height.Then tighten the screw securely. Do not overtighten.


  3. Attach the camera platform to the shoulder mount frame using the clamping element and minus screw. After the baseplate is mounted to the shoulder mount frame, you can adjust the baseplate by loosening the screw and sliding the baseplate forwards or back.When the baseplate is in the correct position,tighten the mounting screw securely.Do not overtighten.

  Screw the camera locking screw into the 1/4” screw holes provided on the camera baseplate as shown in below figure.

  5. Attach the hand grip rods to the screw holes on the right and left side of the camera baseplate from the bottom. With the screw in place, you can adjust the hand grip rods to the proper position,then tighten the screw securely. Do not overtighten.

  6. Check the hand grip rods and make sure the ends with small flat surface is pointed downward, then attach hand grips to hand grip rods, then rotate the screws at the bottom of the hand grips to lock the hand grips.

  7. Attach the camera to the baseplate using the camera mounting screw. Tighten securely.

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