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Motorized Camera Slider Video Track Dolly Stabilizer with Time Lapse

  For those who love and want to put efforts into making an amazing cinematic video, owning a camera slider would be worth it. give your camera slider selection

  Sevenoak camera slider would be a great start for this list. The slider is 80cm and the track rail is 19mm; these allow you to capture with smooth and stable sliding motion. The slider also has angle-adjustable legs and non-slippery, adjustable rubber feet for added convenience and flexibility. This slider is a versatile gear for a camera that is used as a crane on a tripod once you remove the adjustable feet.

  Next, this mini Camera slider can be packed easily in a travel bag anywhere you want with the size it came in which is 40cm. The heavy-duty camera slider guarantees a shake-free stability, and its ability to support cameras while shooting provides you a good polished film result.


  Heavy-Duty Camera Slider SK-HD75

  Sevenoak Camera Slider SK-HD75 series camera sliders are designed to give you the ability to create high-quality videos without over-extending your budget. It futures with heavy-duty Aluminum construction, adjustable feet, 1/4” and 3/8” screw thread, precision bearings etc.

     It can be used standalone with the included feet whose height can be adjusted easily, or attached directly to tripod(s) with the built-in screw thread. With precision bearings built under the sliding plate, the camera motion is smoother and quieter than ever. The SK-HD75 series camera slider are suitable for amateur cameras, professional cameras as well as for cameras with recording function (such as Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 60D,Canon 500D~550D,Nikon 3100,D7000,Sony A55 etc).

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