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Best Cheap Camera Slider? - Check out the shots I got with sevenoak

  In the current era of technology, photography plays a very important role in our daily lives. As a result, several cameras have been invented to ensure that those taking photos and videos achieve professional grade snapshots and footage. 

  Types of Camera Sliders

  With a variety of options on the market, finding the best camera slider can be very frustrating. However, with the right information, it should not be that hard.


However, even with a top notch camera, there is no guarantee that the quality of the pictures and video you capture will be great; shaking during capture can lead to poor quality photos. Fortunately, there are several camera sliders available on the market, which can help to stabilize your camera and ensure you capture high quality photographs and video footage.

  The Sevenoak Camera Slider SK-LS60 is designed to give you the ability to create good-quality production shots without over-extending your budget. Featuring heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction, super-smooth glide rail, spirit level & tension adjustment.

      The camera Slider SK-LS60 gives you the best value. It can be attached directly to a tripod and may also be used standalone with the included feet, which raises your camera setup approximately 2" off the ground. The camera slider SK-LS60 is suitable for amateur cameras, professional cameras as well as for cameras with the function of recording movies (for example Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 60D,Canon 500D~550D,Nikon D3100,D7000,Sony A55 etc)


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