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what is the best dslr camera slider?

  If you are looking for a video camera slider, look no further!

  The sevenoak Video Camera Slider Range is a very solid piece of equipment. It looks stylish with a sharp looking colours and a set of wheels which allow the slider to roll along the floor.

  This video slider also comes with feet which drop below the wheels and allow it to be stable while stationary. Overall the video slider is a professional looking piece of kit that will impress your clients!


  Using the sevenoak Video Camera Slider

  The video slider can be mounted directly onto a tripod. It can also work from the ground or any flat surface. It works great with a tripod head mounted with a quick plate. The wheels function nicely on a smooth service allowing you to take some smooth rolling footage.

  The slider itself comes with a piece which allows you to vary the speed of the Camera  slide. The motion itself is really smooth and is a delight to use. The plate glides very easily and really gives the type of smooth motion I was hoping for prior to purchasing.

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