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Best DSLR Shoulder camera slider in 2017 Reviews

  Whether its for live broadcast, live recording, or image magnification, the quality and affordability of switchers, cameras and streaming devices has made multi camera production attainable to a wide range of content creators. Concert venues, conventions, seminars and worship facilities are just some of the many productions that are benefiting from the innovations.

  Many producers use Jibs and Camera Cranes as way to add camera movement to enhance production value but expanded camera coverage is another benefit that these tools bring to the production. Using the Jib or Crane to position the camera in multiple positions for stationary camera angles can make a 2 or 3 camera production look like a 5 or 6 camera production. High or low, left or right, the camera can change positions quickly and expand coverage while still providing the classic camera movement that Jibs and Cranes are known for.

  Camera Curved Slider SK-CS01

  Sevenoak Camera Curved Slider SK-CS01 is a Curved tracking system specially designed to give you the ability to create high-quality shoots and videos without over-extending your budget. It features heavy-duty anodized Aluminum construction, super smooth glide rail and roller bearing sliding plate, 1/4” screw thread, and three included feet. With different bending angle, Sevenoak curved tracking system allows you to focus on an object from different angle and capture better image.



  Heavy-duty Aluminum construction

  1/4” screw thread

  Compatible with most SLR cameras, compact cameras, 4/3 cameras

  Super smooth glide rail and roller bearing sliding plate

  Three included feet for standalone use

  Compatible with smart phones when an adapter is attached 1/3 Circle

  1/3 Circle

  Diameter: About 85cm

  Arc length: About 87cm

  Max load capacity: 10KG

  Since people started using TVs domestically, it has grown to become one of the most sought after forms of home entertainment. What people normally forget is the people working behind the camera to bring entertainment to your homes. As a camera operator, when you are looking to shoot a scene with your video camera either for personal or commercial use, there is need to stabilize the shooting of the scene thus a need for you to place it on your shoulder.

  The solution to this comes to you acquiring a shoulder mount or a shoulder rig for your camera shoots. There is need for filmmakers to acquire shoulder rigs especially for their mobile shoots where the camera operator is required to be on the move.

  Filmmakers to create and compliment an action occurring in a particular scene during the movie more significantly use shoulder rigs. The use of these shoulder rigs has helped in the evolution of filmmaking and thereby caused a variety of companies to create their own shoulder rigs that are available for commercial sale.