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How does DSLR camera slider work ?

  It's Friday and we're designing a DSLR camera slider

that does your breathtaking prototypes, amazing mockups and beautiful products justice!

  This is the first part of our Camera Slider series, where we iteratively design a linear slider from the ground up using stepper motors。

  Our vision is to mount the slider rail on a centralised platform that can rotate the entire linear rail 360 degrees. On top of that, our goal is to make the camera mount rotatable as well, ensuring some buttery smooth movement in X,Y space.

  It's not every day that we break out a slider or a dolly here at sevenoak. Most of the time, we use a tripod, monopod, or another bare-bones setup for the videos we create. But every now and then, we have a need for controlled motion, whether it's to make B-rollmore motivated, or to bring to life video concepts that fit perfectly with a slider theme.


  And for those times, we rely on these sliding devices to give us that cinematic, smooth-looking feel. The following silent video loop is a compilation of slider and dolly shots from some sevenoak videos.

  For many video producers outside of sevenoak, sliders are considered an essential part of a video toolkit. They're used regularly for real estate videos, wedding videos, testimonials, event recaps, and B-roll in general. Really, any time you want to show something in a more dynamic way, a slider is a great go-to tool.

  24'' Sevenoak SK-DS60 Wide Heavy-duty Aluminum Slider Steadycam Dolly Track Video Stabilizer for Canon 5D MarkII 7D 60D 500D-550D Nikon D3100 D7000 A55 Sony A7S A&R A7S2 Panasonic Camcorders

  The Sevenoak Dolly Slider SK-DS60 can be used as slider or dolly and moves from straight slides to curved movement. It offers you the ability to create good-quality production shots with easy installation and simple operation. Featuring heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction, standalone feet, adjustable axles, super-smooth glide rail, spirit level & tension adjustment, SK-DS60 gives you the best value. It can be attached directly to a tripod and may also be used standalone with the included feet, which raises your camera setup approximately 2" off the ground. And it can also be used as a dolly with the included adjustable axles. The Sevenoak SK-DS60 is compatible with magical arm, camera mount and tripod with 1/4 screw in any particular situations like micro movie, wedding, aniversary shooting, X-games and street video etc. It can provide you excellent shooting experience with super smooth. With this slider,you can easily have a very good stabilization and smoothness for your video wherever you want because we include a carrying case for better portablity!

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