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Shooting Stable Handheld Video With sevenoak camera stabilizer

  Shaky footage from shooting handheld.Going handheld can be an effective way of shooting video, but shaky footage can leave your viewers feeling seasick.

  Just because your camera isn't on a tripod doesn't mean your footage has to be shaky. We've put together some tips to keep handheld shooting as stable as a table.

  What are some advantages of shooting handheld? Let us count the ways?

  Shooting handheld camera stabilizer allows for greater spontaneity. It helps you capture the moment instead of setting up to capture the moment and ultimately missing it. In many cases, a somewhat shaky shot is better than missing the shot altogether!

  Handheld shooting offers unique and dynamic perspectives. It encourages you to be creative and find new angles to help tell your story.


  You maintain a lower profile. This is key for making people feel more comfortable when being filmed. Or if you're guerilla filmmaking.

  Sevenoak SK-SW PRO2 Handheld Carbon Fiber Video Stabilization System for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders. I could tell the difference in quality right out of the box. It just looks and feels super slick. It's also silky smooth and machined very well, and once again super smooth. The geared adjusters on the quick release plate really make balancing easy and precise.

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