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Are you interested in SK-GH01 Gimbal Tripod Head?

  Are you interested in wildlife photography? Whether you’re hoping to venture into the heart of Africa on a safari or just looking to photograph birds and squirrels in your backyard, one indispensable tool is the tripod. When it comes to finding the best tripod for wildlife photography, it’s important to ensure that you balance out your needs and preferences with your budget to find the best option that will make a difference in your work.

  Here at The Adventure Junkies, we enjoy helping our readers to learn about photography; in order to help them capture the best images that they’re after. With this in mind let’s take a look at some different tripod options that are available.

  SK-GH01 Gimbal Tripod Head

  Sevenoak Gimbal Tripod Head SK-GH01 is a specialized gimbal-type tripod head designed for telephoto lenses. It incorporates an elevated tilt mechanism and adjustable platform that makes the camera/lens’ center of gravity and tilt axis of the head be perfectly aligned. Its gimbal-type design allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses.


  Weights 1.4KG
  Can be mounted to tripods via the built-in 3/8” screw hole at the bottom
  Max dimensions (HxWxD): 23.5x8.9x24.7cm
  Without quick release clamp
  Built with dial indicator on its arm
  Swings smoothly and safely
  Height adjustable platform
  Fits virtually any telephoto lens with a rotation collar

  From traditional aluminum tripods to lightweight carbon models that are perfect for travel and hiking, let’s take a look at the best options that are available for wildlife photography enthusiasts today.

  Sevenoak Gimbal Head is ideal for wildlife photography and birdwatching because it guarantees perfect balance even with heavy equipment.

  This outstanding new head features both modern design and innovative solutions. Clean and harmonic lines– which makes this head the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and performance. Fluid cartridge technology from the video world is being applied to a gimbal head for the very first time in this model. It absorbs vibrations and ensures smooth movement throughout observation and shooting, even with very large lenses.

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